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Passenger Amenity

Powered Gate Seats Make Charging Easy

The Dayton International Airport (DAY) recently replaced the entire airport’s gate-hold seating area with over 1100 new seats.  In addition to the new traditional row seats, new cluster seats were inter-woven into several areas that are centered around tables for more a conversational appeal. As today’s travelers are more and more reliant on mobile devices while traveling, the Airport also included an important amenity in over half of these new seats for an easy to and through: power outlets.  These plug-in charging outlets are conveniently  connected directly on the new seats, so passengers can simply plug-in and charge while comfortably sitting in their gate area.

“It can be frustrating for your phone, laptop, or tablet to lose battery charge when traveling,” said Terry Slaybaugh, Director of Aviation at DAY. “Our passengers have more access than ever to places to recharge their devices.”