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Terminal Modernization

Terminal Modernization Efforts Begins

The interior phase of the Airport Terminal Modernization Project began November 1, 2017 at the Dayton International Airport (DAY). The construction efforts will not disrupt the normal activities of passengers who will travel, and is expected to last approximately 18 months.

“This project will completely change the front of the terminal,” says Terry Slaybaugh, Director of the Dayton International Airport. “Completing the updates in phases will ensure we provide the same excellent level of customer service to our passengers.”

For the project length, multiple sections of the front terminal will undergo a series of updates. This includes the pre-security inside space of the terminal, from the airline ticket counters to the baggage claim area and continues to the outside front drive, curbside to curbside.

The front wall of the terminal will be transformed into a full glass and steel exterior with a new glass canopy to the garage, to bring in natural light. New, sustainable LED lighting, functional illuminated bollards along the entire new and curved front curb will ensure Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for smooth accessibility and safety for all passengers and visitors. Additional airport concierge personnel will be available in late Fall and Winter in and around the terminal to assist passengers through the airport parking and terminal during the project.

As the construction for this phase inside the front terminal, passengers will be protected from potential construction disturbance with a large dust wall that will be installed around the pre-security Boston Stoker location and the baggage claim device directly adjacent. The remaining three baggage claim devices will remain in full use throughout the renovation.

Internal updates during this phase include:

  • New location for the USO to better serve our military passengers
  • Sustainable, clean upgrades throughout the terminal including LED lighting, Terrazzo Tiles, and HVAC Systems
  • Construction of new restrooms for men, women, and families with glass tiles and water efficient utilities

The current restrooms will remain open until the new are completed and opened.

Boston Stoker will close their pre-security location to focus on other Dayton opportunities. Full coffee service will still be available to pre-security passengers at the CNBC Express, until the project is completed, and a new coffee kiosk opens.  Boston Stoker will continue to operate their airport post-security location.

The Dayton International Airport (DAY) and City of Dayton will keep the public informed of the project status and notice of new phases beginning though press releases, Twitter posts at twitter.com/DAY_IntlAirport, and at headlines.flydayton.com.