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Terminal Modernization

Terminal Drive Lighting Updates Initiated

The Dayton International Airport (DAY) is working to Welcome you to the Terminal and reduce the street lighting electricity usage by over 50% by upgrading the Airport Terminal Drive Lights to LED Energy efficient fixtures. DP&L has awarded the Airport with $17,880 in Energy Efficiency Rebates for the new energy savings.

“This Terminal Drive Lighting Project is a great way for us to continue to find new and better ways to conserve vital natural resources,” said Terry Slaybaugh, Director of Aviation at DAY.

The project includes replacement of the existing metal halide cobra head lighting fixtures and poles located between US-40 and Boeing Drive with new poles and decorative high-performance led lighting fixtures. It provides a new circuit and pathways, including a spare conduit pathway for future data/communication system. It also replaces wiring for existing terminal loop lighting and replaces all terminal loop fixtures with new LED fixtures. This project has an overall length of approximately 0.66 miles [SS1] at a cost of $930,000 to cover the construction contract and engineering services.