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Why You Should Fly Nonstop To The #1 Beach In the USA

Are the winter blues getting you down? Do you feel deflated when the weather forecast calls for yet another week of snow? A quick trip to St. Petersburg Clearwater, could be your solution. Voted the best beach in the U.S. by Trip Advisor, Clearwater Beach will certainly bring you the sunshine, downtime, and peace you are craving. If you are ready to stop daydreaming about long walks on the beach and start experiencing them, it’s time to finally go ahead and book that vacation to St. Petersburg Clearwater.

If You Enjoy Long Walks On The Beach.

Compared to other touristy beaches, such as Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater is more tranquil and quiet. Start off your day with an early morning walk on the sugar sand beach and marvel at the scenery. Take in the vibrant blue ocean and the pristine white sand. When you are done walking, grab a lounge chair, lather up, and unwind with a nap or good book. Even though there are multiple attractions and places to visit, most of your time should be spent slowing down and savoring what St. Petersburg is actually most famous for.

Isn’t It Surreal?

Besides the beach, the Salvador Dali museum is consistently ranked the #1 attraction by multiple sources. It is best known for having the largest amount of original Dali paintings outside of Europe. Before you enter, take a stroll through the gardens on the outside of the building. There, you will find the Wish Tree where people write their wishes on the back of their admissions wristlets and tie them to the tree. There is also a beautifully designed labyrinth which was created to encourage meditation and reflection. Once you enter the museum, you’ll see the exhibits are ordered in chronological order. It starts with his early impressionist and post-impressionist works and then the work progresses into his specialty, surrealism. You also have the opportunity to experience his work through a virtual reality exhibit. The exhibit takes you through a world of his paintings so you can feel like you are really inside his dreamy imagination.

Dali’s painting of you searching for Clearwater Beach


Meet Me On Central Avenue.

If you need some excitement, check out Central Avenue. This area’s restaurants, popular bars, live music, and cute shops create lively and welcoming energy. Murals cover the walls and part of the streets, festivals are hosted, and live music is everywhere. The mood is joyful and it is ideal for those looking for social interaction and entertainment. The best time to visit is on Friday evenings. Locals flock here to celebrate the end of the week and they happily welcome tourists.

One of the most popular places to eat in the area is Mazzaro’s Italian Market. It is affordably priced local Mediterranean cuisine and culture. There also is a grocery area where you can purchase Italian ingredients (sauces, wines, pasta, spices, and olive oils) and there are a few Italian coffee bars. When visiting, be prepared to spend a few hours here browsing and enjoying everything the market has to offer. You will temporarily feel like you left the US and spent a few hours in Italy.

Treat yourself to some of the plentiful olive oil and bread selections


Sail Away.

To find the best views, consider traveling by bike or boat. St. Pete has one of the best bike-share programs in the country. All you need to do is download the app, Coast Bikeshare, enter your payment information, and pick up your bike at any bike-share location. Cycle down the gorgeous pear or explore downtown. When you are done, just bring it back to the original location and lock your bike up.

To travel by boat, book a sunset sail on a pontoon boat with Island Ferry. This small boat cruise is perfect for quietly enjoying the sunset and even the occasional dolphin sighting. You will be mesmerized by the picturesque views and completely at peace because you will be away from all crowds.

This could be you


Seas the Day!

If any of the above appeals to you, now is the time to go ahead and finally schedule that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Weekly nonstop flights to St. Petersburg from Dayton can be taken through Allegiant, so your weekend at the beach is an easy and affordable click away. Take advantage of this so you can enjoy that much-needed vitamin sea!

A look down the coastline of Clearwater Beach