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Terminal Modernization

Highly-Anticipated Final Phase of Terminal Construction Arrives

Travelers into and out of the Dayton International Airport have enjoyed the steady stream of updates and improvements to the terminal in recent months and now there is even more to celebrate as the airport moves into the next and final phase of construction.

See the map here.

The center and south entrances near ticketing are now open and ready to receive passengers through their doors, while the north entrance near baggage claim is closed for updates. There is also ADA curb work being completed so there will be intermittent shifts in the traffic flow during these times. Keep an eye out for signs directing visitors to exactly where to go during these shifts. Visit https://headlines.flydayton.com/category/terminal-updates/ to see project updates and the current traffic flow map, which currently shows the flow through June.

Inside the terminal, shoppers will delight at the newly opened Paradise Largardère CNBC Express News & Gift kiosk across from TSA. Plus, the beautiful new terrazzo flooring, glass walls, lighting, and updated restrooms will make travelers believe they’ve been upgraded to First Class.

“When a large construction project begins to reveal an outcome that is both beautiful and relevant to expectations while maintaining operational and safety standards, you have a winner. That is what we have with this project to date,” states Terry Slaybaugh, Airport Director. “The new glass curtain walls and canopy have truly surpassed our expectations, and we look forward to this fall when the project will come to fruition.”

Some of the developments to look forward to in this final phase of construction will be a new Concierge and Information Desk and a We Proudly Brew Starbucks ‘Aviator Joe Café’ coffee kiosk near the center entrance, which will be in place in the next few weeks. In July, the center island drive lanes will reopen as well as a glass shelter that will house Valet parking. In the end, travelers will finally get to see the new and improved terminal in all its glory, providing a beautiful tribute to the Wright brothers in their own hometown.

As a reminder, the airport campus is Tobacco-Free. There are the dedicated smoking areas only, which are identified with signage and on the website map.