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Celebrating Earth Day at Dayton International Airport

At Dayton International Airport, we take pride in our efforts towards sustainability and protecting the environment. As we celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to reflect on the programs we’ve instituted to promote conservation of not only the airport grounds, but the Greater Dayton Area and beyond. From recycling and sustainability to state-of-the-art deicing technology, DAY is a leader in advocating for environmental protection at airports.

A Great DAY to Recycle

Working in part with The Montgomery County Solid Waste District, we enhanced our recycling efforts back in 2013 and created a comprehensive program that is aimed to recycle the majority of the airport’s waste stream. The program is still going strong and since its implementation, we’ve been able to increase our recycling by over 25%.

We are always looking at ways to improve our recycling efforts even more and partnered with RUMPKE recycling to perform a recycling audit of a single day’s worth of trash at the airport terminal. We took those findings to provide more recycling options for our travelers including Liquid Collection Stations at checkpoints for passengers to separate liquids from cans and bottles. With the help of our travelers, we’ve been able to drastically increase our recycling.

Recycling bin at airport


Airplane Deicing

Deicing planes is a crucial process for ensuring the safety and efficiency of flights during colder months. Ice buildup can hinder plane performance and it’s crucial that airplanes are deiced properly. The deicing facility at DAY was built in 1996 and is the first of its kind built in Ohio. Not only are we committed to deicing planes in the most efficient way possible, but we are also a leader in making sure that we are environment friendly.

Our facility for Deicing Fluid Collection System (DFCS) uses the most environmentally friendly deicing fluid available and has a primary purpose to prevent fluids from combining with storm water run-off and entering Mill Creek. We take our commitment to protecting the water system seriously and deploy a 24-hour deicing team working around the clock to ensure the fluids are collected properly.


With the help of our partners, travelers, and employees, DAY has been a leader in airport conservation and continues to seek out ways to improve how we promote environmental awareness. Visit flydayton.com/recycling-sustainability to learn about our conservation and sustainability efforts.