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Auditor Keith Honors Dayton International Airport Police Dogs

Auditor Karl Keith presents airport K-9 Gunner with his 2020 Dog License with Gunner’s handler, Sgt Ted Priest.

Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith visited the Dayton International Airport Police Department on January 23 to present the airport’s K-9s with their 2020 dog licenses, honoring the service the dogs and their handlers provide their community.

Airport K-9 Fara receives her 2020 Dog License from Auditor Karl Keith with her handler Officer Damian Sells.

The Dayton International Airport has three K-9s: Kan, Fara and Gunner. The dogs are primarily used to detect explosives. The dogs are each 7-years-old. Kan and Fara are German shorthaired pointers and Gunner is a Labrador retriever.

Airport K-9 Kan having fun during the 2020 Dog Licensing event at the Dayton International Airport.

Keith provides dog licenses for free to dogs in police service. There are 22 police dogs in Montgomery County serving in 10 police departments. These dogs are a great asset to each law enforcement agency and community they serve in. They search buildings, perform demonstrations, investigate bomb threats, search for missing persons, chase criminals and find illegal drugs.

Airport K-9 Kan receives his 2020 Dog License from Auditor Karl Keith with his handler Officer James Pennington.

Police dogs are highly trained and are known for the strong bond they share with their handler, whom they live with while off duty.

“I wanted to honor the important work these K-9 units do to keep our communities safe, and personally thank these officers for their service,” said Keith.


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