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4 Houston Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind

From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), professional sports, medical innovations, and to Beyoncé, this city has a lot to be proud of. With 2.3 million residents, it is the fourth largest city in America, and it’s only continuing to grow in size and culture. Considering Houston’s magnitude and influence, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with activity options. Don’t worry though, after checking our list of things to do, you’ll be “Ready and rarin’ to go” by the time you set foot in Space City.


1.  Space Center Houston

If you love movies like Apollo 13, this is for you. Space Center Houston is a Smithsonian affiliate and the visitor center for the NASA Johnson Space Center Museum. As a visitor, you can check out live science experiments, lectures, theaters showing footage from space, interactive exhibits, and space galleries. Depending on the time of day you visit, you can also meet former astronauts and ask them questions. In the galleries, you will find real astronaut food, pieces of the moon that can be touched, and simulations of launches. Outside of the facility resides a replica space shuttle sitting atop of a 747. Walk inside both aircrafts and see what it was like to be part of a space mission.

Right next to Space Center Houston is Johnson Space Center, a 1.5 billion dollar complex. This is where the real astronaut training occurs and major missions such as moon landings and where international space activity are monitored. For visitors, there are more galleries indoors and exhibits outdoors. One of the best is in Rocket Park. Here you will find a restored Saturn V rocket; the rocket that launched dozens of humans toward Earth’s moon.


2.  Houston Museum of Natural Science

After you spend time exploring space, the Houston Museum of Natural Science will bring you back down to Earth. This museum explores the wonders of our natural world. Here you can see a gigantic dinosaur skeleton exhibits, a planetarium, artist renditions of fossilized bones, real fossils in wood, fluorescent minerals, giant crystals, evolution exhibits, and microscope lab, and more. If you have children, they will love the interactive exhibits for kids such as the Dig Pit, where they can dig up their own fossils.


3.  Cockrell Butterfly Centre

The Cockrell Butterfly Centre is next to the Museum of Natural Science. Housed inside three stories of glass, the facility has over 1,500 different butterflies and over 450 different species represented. Additionally, you can also find simulated rain forests, observe various types of live cocoons/chrysalises, other bug exhibits, snakes enclosures, and interactive exhibits. It’s the perfect place if you are looking to experience relaxation


4.  Water Attractions

Considering the extremely high temperatures, Houston is home to several attractions to help you cool off. Beaches, old school fun fairs, piers, and water parks are very popular. Kemah Boardwalk, one of the top locations, is a 60-acre theme park approximately 30 miles outside of Downtown Houston. The double-decker carousel, massive zip line, and roller coasters such as the Boardwalk Bullet are some of the visitor favorites. This is a wonderful place to bring an active family.


Houston, We Have a Vacation

As you can see, there is a reason this city is growing in popularity and influence. The attractions are sure to impress you, give you a sense of awe, and teach you something new. So if traveling to the Space City sounds appealing, y’all need to hurry up and planet.

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